100005, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Mirabad district,
st. T. Shevchenko, 11a

About us

The State Geology Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan conducts geological exploration of mineral resources in order to strengthen and expand the mineral resource base of the mining and processing industries, provides intersectoral coordination of work related to geological exploration of mineral resources in Uzbekistan, and exercises state control over the geological exploration of mineral resources by all enterprises and organizations, regardless of ownership.

State Enterprise “Geoltehtaminot” creates and provides:

  • functioning of the data bank on the geological structure of the subsoil and the mineral resources of the republic;
  • maintaining the state balance of mineral reserves in order to determine the conditions for their economical and rational use;
  • necessary equipment and materials, taking into account the latest achievements of science and technology.

Activity of the company

The state-owned enterprise Geoltekhtaminot is a structural unit of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources. The main activity of the enterprise is material and technical support, carried out in the framework of the annual state programs “Exploration work on the system of the State Committee for Geology”, approved by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for budget allocations.

Fulfilling the tasks of modernization and strengthening the material and technical base of geological organizations of the State Committee for Geology within the framework of the State Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan SE Geoltekhtaminot, the issues of acquiring modern geological equipment and special technical means, software products and materials have been worked out.

The company has permission to conduct a complex of engineering surveys, an accredited laboratory, a solid base of modern equipment and a staff of professional specialists. What allows us to carry out the whole complex of engineering surveys:

  • geological;
  • geodetic;
  • environmental;
  • hydrometeorological.