11a T. Shevchenko str., Mirabad district, Tashkent,
Republic of Uzbekistan, 100060.
URB-25 rotary drilling rigs based on the URAL-4320 automobile, designed for drilling geophysical and structurally exploratory wells for oil and gas, exploration of solid mineral deposits, building materials and groundwater, geotechnical surveys, drilling of water and blast holes.Equipment
Multi-purpose drilling rigs LBU 50-30 on the chassis of the KAMAZ-43118 car, which are designed to solve problems in engineering and geological surveys with the possibility of sampling soil.Equipment
Logging stations “KOBRA-M” on the chassis of the KAMAZ-43502 automobile, designed for geophysical exploration of wells (GIS) in uranium deposits mined by underground leaching, and can be used to conduct geophysical exploration of wells for water and solid minerals using electric and radioactive methods logging.Equipment
Wheel tractors K-735 Kirovets, characterized by high power and performance, maneuverability and maneuverability, simplicity and reliability of the design.Equipment
An electronic robotic high-precision total station with a laser scanning function.The combination of SureScan, Trimble VISION, FineLock and the DR Plus range finder, along with software functions, allows you to collect data faster and more accurately than ever before, and TrimbleVision technology makes it possible to combine the measurement process with a live video stream on the controller screen, as well as create advanced reports on the results of measurements.Equipment
Mobile field multi-parameter hydrogeological laboratories (included: DR1900 spectrophotometer, model 16900 digital titrator, 2100Q turbidimeter, HQ40d multimeter with a set of consumables), allowing accurate measurements in the field.