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Acquisition of drilling rigs - open tender

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Ketring LLC holds a tender for the acquisition of:


– External USB HDD 2 Tb Drive, USB 3.0.Quantity – 3 pieces.

Terms of payment:

Advance payment amount: in the amount of 15%; Date of advance payment: within 10 calendar days; The term for transferring the remaining funds is 85% – within 10 calendar days after the goods are received at the Buyer’s warehouse.

Currency of payment: national currency – sum.

Delivery conditions:

Delivery time: no more than 7 calendar days after the advance payment is transferred to the Seller’s bank account.

Mandatory conditions:

Activities must be licensed. (If the activity requires a license);
Responsibility of the parties is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the legal basis of the activities of business entities” dated August 29, 1998 No. 670-I;
During the transfer of goods upon detection of marriage or low-grade goods, the goods will not be accepted;
Must have a certificate of conformity;
Delivered goods must be new and not in use.
The “Supplier” must have an office at the legal address specified in the Contract;
Replacement of defective goods must be carried out by the “Supplier” within 3 days;
The product must comply with the technical requirements and parameters specified in the announcement;
Delivery to the location of the “Customer”;

Special conditions:

Attach a copy of the document certifying the standards (TU) of the goods to the proposal, or a certificate of conformity (copies certified by the seller) and a copy of Guvokhnoma, the License.

The supplier must work in the market of Uzbekistan and have a registered office with a landline telephone.

Manufacturers, foreign and domestic firms and organizations eligible to carry out wholesale trade can take part in the competition.

Limitations for participation in the competition:

The following are not allowed to participate in the competitive selection:

– organizations and firms that are in the process of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy, which have not submitted all the necessary documents within the prescribed time period;

– Inadequate fulfillment of obligations assumed under previously concluded contracts, which are in a state of litigation or arbitration with customers;

– not meeting the requirements of the competitive commission for commercial and financial indicators.

Bids are accepted at:
11 Nov 2019 1704